Main Technique Parameter
Average power 50W
Laser wavelength 10.64um
Frequency 50khz
Scope of marking 100 x 100 mm
Carving depth <0.3
Carving speed <7000mm/s
Minimum line breadth 0.4mm
Minimum characters 0.3mm
Reapeat precision +/- 0.0002
YAG series laser marking machine

The nucleus parts of the YAG series laser marking machine import from original package. Such as the high speed scanner mirror. YAG crystal focus lens and Q switch etc. YAG series laser marking machine has precision high speed, stabilized capability and no pollution and can stand long sequence working.

Laser marking software work at the system of Windows Chinese interface can permit AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP & etc. and various software document format such as PLT, PCW, DXF, BMP & etc. and use the SHX, TTF word fonts directly.

YAG series marking machine can engrave elegant characters and picture in metals and various non-metals materials with super speed extensive apply in bar codes. Two-dimensional matrix codes picture style characters code preface row number batch number time and date etc. Involving the profession such as, tool, hardware tool, cutting tool, cotter, tableware, electrical appliance, glass, lighter sanitary apparatus jewel, pottery, crystal rubber, electronics products, communication products, automobile fittings and etc.

The system is simple, easy to learn and use.

Power 220V/50Hz
Rate <800W
Heat mode Normal temperature heat at 85C
Warmer barrel capability 1000L
Supply barrel capability 4500L
Material barrel 4pis (coffee, sugar, company, tea)
Display mode LED and FND
Control way Mirco control system
Weight 27 Kg
Dimension 440 x 430 x 640

BAOGAO Automatic Coffee Machine

New technology concept automatic coffee machine style. BAOGAO automatic coffee machine, a new concept coffee machine for different taste. Microcomputer controlled automatic coffee machine taste can be modified and used freely.

1. Fully automatic mode
All designed is automatic, only need to adjust the buttons and will finish setting all the function.

2. Perfect design
Good quality and performance, beautiful appearance.

3. Special water barrel design
For the convenience of too much usage.

4. Selection of different coffee according to different taste. Our machine has the function to supply different kind of drink.

5. Protect Function
Our machine is adopted double lock function.

6. Consumption of electricity
Super saving electricity function, for low consumption of electricity.


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